Seal the Deal

ChemMasters Newsletter: Vol 3 Issue 2

Seal the Deal is intended to be an informative and educational publication for ChemMasters’ network of independent manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and contractors. We don’t want to make you chemical engineers, but we do want to help you feel better informed and more comfortable discussing construction chemicals. If there are specific products or topics you would like to see addressed in a future issue, please contact John Fauth.

New Product – EZ Strip Cure DR

Each year the ChemMasters product line gets broader and deeper in a relentless process of meeting the constantly changing demands of our marketplace and customers. In 2015 ChemMasters is proud to announce the introduction of EZ Strip Cure DR to our offering of easily removable dissipating resins.

Dissipating resins are nothing new to the marketplace. They function well in exterior applications where UV sunlight breaks down the resin film, but do not dissipate indoors away from UV exposure. What makes EZ Strip Cure DR so unique is its ability to dissipate equally well in both interior and exterior applications; with or without exposure to UV sunlight. This unique dissipation feature makes EZ Strip Cure DR far more versatile to contractors for a wide variety of applications.

When applied to freshly placed concrete, EZ Strip Cure DR meets the curing specifications of ASTM C309 and then begins to rapidly dissipate (typically within one week) for easy removal prior to subsequent application of floor coverings, penetrating sealers, high performance coatings or water repellant treatments. Removal may be achieved with light mechanical or hand abrasion, or low pressure water spray. And since EZ Strip Cure DR will not load or clog diamond tooling it does not require removal from concrete prior to abrasive finishing, making it the ideal product to cure concrete slabs scheduled for polishing operations.

Next time your work calls for use of a dissipating resin cure, make sure you consider the time and money saving benefits of EZ Strip Cure DR.