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ChemMasters Newsletter: Vol 1 Issue 8

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ChemMasters Repair Mortars-No Gypsum Added

ChemMasters Adds No Gypsum to Its Repair Mortars, Maximizing Their Strength, Durability and Freeze/Thaw Resistance

To most of us, all concrete looks alike. The same can be said about cementitious repair mortars and self levelers. But not surprisingly, there can be quite a difference from one brand product to the next. One of those differences is whether a manufacturer adds gypsum to their cementitious products.. Adding gypsum to cement based mortars does make them smoother, creamier and easier to trowel. It also makes them less expensive to produce. But as is the case with most things in life, there’s a cost to making something cheaper.

Gypsum in cement based mortars has a nasty habit of absorbing water. As a result, water exposure will cause it to swell, begin to break down, and finally disintegrate and dust away. As a result, products with added gypsum are particularly susceptible to damage from rain, humidity and freeze/thaw cycling.

In order to maximize product performance, durability and freeze/thaw resistance, ChemMasters does not add gypsum to any of its repair mortars, patching materials, underlayments or overlayments. Our customers can be confident the products we produce are formulated to withstand the environmental conditions of any geographic region. Additionally, most ChemMasters repair mortars give the option of replacing all or some of the mix water with Cretelox™, an acrylic admixture for stucco, cement plaster, cementitious toppings and overlays, and prepackaged or site mixed mortars. Use of Cretelox will:

  • Improve their compressive, tensile, flexural and bond strength
  • Increase abrasion and impact resistance
  • improve chemical resistance to fertilizers, acids and alkalis
  • Reduce shrinkage cracking
  • Reduce permeability for improved freeze/thaw resistance

Whether your repair is indoors or out, remember to avoid the gypsum. Use ChemMasters and Cretelox for high quality, long lasting repairs.