Seal the Deal

ChemMasters Newsletter: Vol 1 Issue 2

Seal the Deal is intended to be an informative and educational publication for ChemMasters’ network of independent manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and contractors. We don’t want to make you chemical engineers, but we do want to help you feel better informed and more comfortable discussing construction chemicals. If there are specific products or topics you would like to see addressed in a future issue, please contact John Fauth.

Calling All Contractors

Arguably, the first and most important step to making a sale is being noticed. Not noticed by just anyone, but someone reasonably local who is in need of the kind of work you supply. Finally, you want to be noticed by local customers in need of the kind of work you supply, without spending a lot of money on marketing.

That’s a bit of a tall order. ChemMasters to the rescue!

We’re starting a new “Contractor Finder” function on our website to assist residential homeowners and light commercial building owners in need of a local contractor for various types of concrete work. Now you can market yourself to local customers in need of your talents… and here’s the best part… there’s no cost!

Just take a few minutes to visit the ChemMasters homepage and click on the “Contractor Finder” icon to register today. Your listing will show:

  • Company name & contact information
  • A link to your company website
  • Location and distance to homeowner/building owner
  • The type of work you do, including:
    • Installation of new concrete
    • Installation of decorative concrete
    • Sealing of existing concrete
    • Repair of existing concrete
    • Waterproofing of concrete
    • Application of coatings for brick, block & concrete walls

All we ask is that you use some ChemMasters products. That’s not a very high price to pay for qualified leads from local customers with a project in which you specialize.

The ChemMasters “Contractor Finder” will go live to thousands of homeowners and commercial building owners each month, beginning this summer. If you’re a contractor, don’t wait until the last minute… sign up now and make sure you’re taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool. If you’re a distributor, do your contractor customers a favor and spread the word.