Seal the Deal

ChemMasters Newsletter: Vol 1 Issue 7

Seal the Deal is intended to be an informative and educational publication for ChemMasters’ network of independent manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and contractors. We don’t want to make you chemical engineers, but we do want to help you feel better informed and more comfortable discussing construction chemicals. If there are specific products or topics you would like to see addressed in a future issue, please contact John Fauth.

Check Out Our New Look!

People feel good and look good wearing sharp, new clothes and companies are much the same. In fact, an improved look is an outward indication of enthusiasm and accomplishment, and may in turn generate additional new opportunities. Well, ChemMasters is introducing a new look to our dry packaged bags and many of our pails, and we hope you’ll agree that it looks great!

Some of the changes you will see include:

  • ChemMasters’ new bags are highly distinctive, recognizable and attractive.

    New Bags – All of our dry packaged products will enjoy a new red, white and blue color scheme. These bags are highly distinctive, recognizable and attractive. They’ll look great on distributor shelves and on the jobsite. The first product to receive our new bag design is Gorilla Grout™, our new 10,000 psi non-shrink, non-metallic cementitious grout.

  • The new universal pail concept has significantly improved aesthetics. New DuraShield SRT on the left, old DuraShield SRT on the right.

    New Pails Concepts – We’re introducing two “universal” lithographed pails; one metal and one plastic. These pails will give us the flexibility to include many more products into the traditional ChemMasters lithograph pail format, improving their appearance and increasing the uniformity of appearance.

  • Universal pail labels are virtually undetectable.

    New Adhesive Labels – Over the past year or more you may have noticed that we’ve done away with many paper labels in favor of higher quality, and better looking, crack and peel labels. When incorporated into the new universal pail design, these labels will become virtually undetectable.

ChemMasters is constantly striving to be a better supplier to our customers, and this ambitious program ensures the quality image of our packaging will always compliment our reputation for manufacturing quality products.

As is the case with most improvement program of this scale, all the changes cannot be made at one time. As a result, we ask that you be patient while these changes are implemented across our product line and invite you to call us whenever we may be of service to you.